Hi & welcome. My name is Sean Wickett.


I'm a professional animator living and working in the GTA. I've been in the animation industry since 1999 and before that, I got my start building special effects models for such things as Stargate the Series, Nick Fury: Agent of Shield, and Mimic. (There's a whole host of not so great things in there too, but we're taught to not mention those when trying to impress strangers. ....uhhmm.)

I've also been involved with computers since I was (and they were, too) young. Like, really young. See that antique C-64 below? That was my third computer. I had a Commodore PET computer with 16K of RAM then another PET with 32K of RAM after that. Talk about moving up! I was beside myself with glee.

I was 12 or 13 and my first computer animation was of a full screen ASCII X-Wing fighter with a couple of blinking asterisks (these: **) . Shortly after getting the C-64, I got the Koala Pad (pictured with the C-64), one of the first consumer drawing tablets. I made pixel art day in and day out. Back then, pixels were the size of dimes so it didn't take long. Except when trying to draw Tom Baker's Doctor Who.

As you can see, not much has changed in the, erm, decades since. My tablet is a smidge fancier as is the 'puter. But much to my parents' chagrin, I'm still drawing on that infernal box.

Blue Monkeys From Marz

The title comes from a Zine I published back in the mid 90s that was an anthology of stories in prose, poetry, or comics. Mostly comics. The "crazy" thing about it was the production. It was entirely digital. At least as digital as one could get in those days. Art work was photocopied or scanned and everything else was done in CorelDraw. Looked pretty slick.

Shaolin Delivery Boy animation sequence

Demo Reel 2007

Demo Reel 2006

Cat vs Spinkler, student film

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