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This is a small reflection of my "How-To" draw library. I believe almost every artist has one. Before I went to school for animation, I was self taught, despite a year of illustration study right after high school. I learned a bunch but not what I thought I wanted to learn. It took a few more years before I got up the nerve to try animation.

Along the way these books were invaluable in helping me get into Sheridan's prestigious animation program (on the first try, even). If you're looking to learn more about drawing but school is out of reach right now, I highly recommend picking up one of the following tomes.

(Disclosure: these are Amazon Affiliate links. I will receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.)

Figure Drawing
CDN$ 28.84
By Andrew Loomis
Drawing the Head and Hands
CDN$ 28.84
By Andrew Loomis
Creative Illustration
CDN$ 29.47
Titan Books
Drawing the Head and Figure
CDN$ 11.55
By Jack Hamm
How to Draw Animals
CDN$ 11.55
By Jack Hamm
Character Animation Crash Course
CDN$ 27.59
By Eric Goldberg
Anatomy Lessons From the Great Masters
CDN$ 16.89
By Robert Beverly Hale, Terence Coyle
The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation
CDN$ 41.38
By Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston
Comics And Sequential Art
CDN$ 17.33
By Will Eisner
How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way
CDN$ 14.43
By Stan Lee, John Buscema
Composing Pictures
CDN$ 25.04
By Donald W. Graham

And for those with the means, the venerable Famous Artists' Courses:

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