Out Of The Box Now Available In Apple News

Finally I think I've figured out Apple News. It's a little tricky with formatting but it's a pretty slick interface.

You can follow along with OoTB in Apple News. Click the link on an iOS device and it should open in Apple News. Then tap the + and add us to your favourites.

I want to experiment with advertising to see how intrusive it'll be. I'm not a big fan of ads but I am looking to generate some revenue. I would love for this to be my full time job but it's baby steps, right?

Tonight, I'm live streaming an unboxing of a new Hero Forge miniature I just received. Because of the holiday weekend in Canada, I won't be able to stream Saturday morning. I'll send out a tweet and link before I start. I'll probably do this through YouTube Live as I want to give that a go too. Should the video become unwatchable through the stream, don't worry, I'll upload a recording ASAP after.

Thanks for following along on this!