WIP: Ral Partha's Ettin pt.2

A quick update on the Ettin. I managed a few hours last week to get his eye fixed and detailed. Talk about crazy hard. 

I'm using a new technique to do the eyes and it's absolutely trial and error. I have the ability to get the detail I want, but controlling the paint flow is so tricky at that scale. More practice is needed!

I tried taking these pics with my iPhone's magnifier so it's not as sharp as I want it. Using the magnifier, I thought, would help me to move more carefully, but the lack of 3D perception was killing me....so hats off to the surgeons who can do that! ...Wonder if I can find those robo-control arms on eBay?

To Do's

  • A few more layers of skin tone to unify everything.
  • Finger nails and hands
  • Pink up the inside mouth
  • Tighten up the edges around the furs
  • Paint the fur
  • Probably tweak the work on that one eye, mess it up and do it again...then do the skin tone! ;)