Out Of The Box Now Available In Apple News

Finally I think I've figured out Apple News. It's a little tricky with formatting but it's a pretty slick interface.

You can follow along with OoTB in Apple News. Click the link on an iOS device and it should open in Apple News. Then tap the + and add us to your favourites.

I want to experiment with advertising to see how intrusive it'll be. I'm not a big fan of ads but I am looking to generate some revenue. I would love for this to be my full time job but it's baby steps, right?

Tonight, I'm live streaming an unboxing of a new Hero Forge miniature I just received. Because of the holiday weekend in Canada, I won't be able to stream Saturday morning. I'll send out a tweet and link before I start. I'll probably do this through YouTube Live as I want to give that a go too. Should the video become unwatchable through the stream, don't worry, I'll upload a recording ASAP after.

Thanks for following along on this!

Live Streaming Painting Session

Well, I've got my Twitch Channel ready (mostly) and I'm experimenting with YouTube Streaming.

Tonight, around 830-900pm EST, I'm going to do a dry run of the stream and do some painting under camera and hopefully work out any final glitches.

I'm planning to regularly stream Saturday mornings starting at roughly 930am until about 1130am or until I can't paint anymore.

Work will continue on Ral Partha's Ettin. I have an eye to fix and continue with the skin colour. Should there be time, I'll be able to start the furs.

I hope you tune in!


WIP: Ral Partha's Ettin

This is the early stage of my Ral Partha Ettin. This is about the third layer of skin colour, the brown on the fur is a wash of burnt umber. 

A few washes are needed for the skin but I'll probably try to get the fur closer to done before adding them. I like to build up the washes as I go. As in, get a kind of base tone (with subtle layers) then "dirty it up".

Next Up: Monsters & Mages

Here are my next set of minis to paint. All are metal and manufactured from the early 80s to early 90s. 

A few are primed with a metal primer and then a coating of gesso. The green is the beginning of the imprimatur layer. 

I started the Ettin twice already and screwed up the paint job right from the beginning. So I had to put him in paint stripper to get the surface clean again. Whatta pain. 

I'll keep posting steps, hopefully working up to video. 

(In the back ground is Ral Partha's Giant Eagle, unprimed).

Citadel's Minotaur

This one is Citadel's Minotaur. It's the first one in a long time. It's painted with Golden and Liquitex acrylic paints. I prefer a messy realism to my mini's as opposed to the bright graphic look. Not to knock it (because I know some people who do it extremely well, beautiful work), it's just not my thing.

I referenced Hereford bulls for the coloration. I thought it'd be funny if a scary, disgusting monster had a pink nose. The closer I got to finishing him, the more sympathy I had for this poor cow that went thru such a horrifying transformation. Weird.

I put this in WIP because I haven't done anything to the base, yet. I may also try coating it in a lacquer but haven't found a good spray on type yet.

My technique, admittedly, is a little rough, and I've forgotten what I used to know, somewhat, but I think that's ok. My photography....well not so much!I have to do some reading on properly shooting my minis, so any direction there would be awesome! I use a Nikon D80 with an 18-135mm lens.

I welcome any comments, praise or condemnation, photography tips!

 I'm linking to my my first miniature painting in 20+ years, which was posted in Google+, June 26 2015. 

Out of The Box

Shortly after the publication of Dungeons & Dragons 5e, some friends and I formed a group and started playing. I hadn't played in about 20 years, shockingly. Another thing I hadn't done, in about the same amount of time, is paint miniatures.

I started painting when I was around 14 and continued until my mid-twenties. I never got much into Warhammer so I never adopted their graphic style. I've always strived to do a realistic (such as it is) paint job, with true colours and tones. 

I recently pulled my miniature collection from storage and tried my hand at painting again. I'm still trying to nail down a consistent workflow and technique but it's mostly by intuition that I paint.

I'm working on a getting a twitch or youtube channel to do live process videos and structured tutorials. I'm just getting started so hang tight and keep checking back!