Academy Award Winning Director Andrew Stanton Discusses Making of “John Carter”

Andrew Stanton:

When I returned to the material as a storyteller and a filmmaker and reviewed it again as an adult, it was very easy to see how clichéd a lot of the things had become and how one note the character of John Carter was.  It didn’t make for an interesting character arc or growth.  But what surprised me was that the imagination for these worlds and situations, these creatures and characters, was still very, very inventive.  And they evoked a lot of imagery.  And I think that was probably the strongest thing about it the second time around.  I wanted to see this world.  And I wanted to invest in these creatures and characters.

As a filmmaker looking at the material today, I know it’s all about being able to believe.

What I liked about the series (and the era of early scifi) is that writers imaginations weren't bound by the laws of physics, or biology, geology, or what-have-you. Pure imagination.

Now, for better or worse, this relegated these story, 80-100 years later to the ridiculous. But still you can't deny that there's just something about that unbound imagination.

Modern writers, and movie going nerds in general are really quick to say "that can't happen, this is stupid". But what a shame that is. The problem with any audience today is their imagination is shackled by science, or pseudo-science and their suspension of disbelief is that much harder to get to.

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