Kubrick's Hidden Gold Story in The Shining

There is some facinating storytelling techniques of the master revealed in here by Ager. The mirror thing just blew my mind. So subtle and yet so effective. I don't think there's many that come close to Kubrick today. Most film makers are about as subtle as a kick in the dingleberries.

However, part four goes into conspiracy theorist territory and it suddenly feels like you're watching something completely different.

Either way, I find Ager's breakdowns of The Shining remarkable rumination on Kubrick's most mainstream film.

Checkout his spacial examination of the Overlook Hotel.

via iO9


Using unpublished info from the Stanley Kubrick Archives as a key source, Kubrick's Gold Story is a film analysis that uncovers economic themes encoded in The Shining with regard to gold vs fiat monetary systems. Written, narrated and edited by Rob Ager.