Planes Official Trailer

The logo for Planes caught my eye after watching the Brave footage. I haven't heard anything other than they were making a series about planes a few years ago.

I guess they worked out the bugs by doing the Cars Toons shorts, Mater's Tall Tales. Again, this is so high quality...I can't believe it's a television program. But if Aardman can crank out 23x7min Shaun the Sheep episodes that look amazing AND are funny, Pixar should be able to do something similar; even though I just compared apples to oranges.

I have no idea how long each Planes episode will be but I'm looking forward to getting the download (via iTunes!) eventually.

(Did I mention that Planes logo? It's great! I could do a whole post on Pixar's logos they're so classic in their influence and yet thoroughly modern.)