Techcrunch: Apple Schooled Music Execs Then, Here Are The Lessons Online Video Should Learn Now

Author Peter Csathy:

Lesson #4 — Be Audacious — After All, Content is King.

Jobs ultimately taught music execs one fundamental truth – that content is THE key to unlock tremendous value online. The corollary to this is that without content, value is lost. That’s why all the deep-pocketed tech titans are lining up for a chance to play in the premium online video game. Just as it is for Apple, premium online video distribution is strategically central to their business. Apple? Sell its hardware. Amazon? Sell more goods and services. Google? Sell more ads. Comcast? Hold onto those cable subscriptions. Netflix? Survive!

this artilce is so wrong headed, i don't know where to start. of course, it is written from the point of view of a "long-time media executive". so there you go.