What to do before Google's privacy policy changes on March 1 | Macworld

This grand consolidation means that all of your Google account data will live in a single database that every Google service can access. Google Maps will have access to your Gmail data, which will have access to your YouTube history, and so on. Google insists that this change will ultimately benefit users, but privacy advocacy groups such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation fear that users will lose control over the personal data they’ve shared with Google.

I've already deleted my history but have yet to do anything else.

I'm not paranoid, just concerned that so much of my personal info being in the hands of a corporation that does not have my best interests in mind. Even if they do, there's also security to think about. That giant Google database will be one juicy target.

Personally, I think it's good that our information is decentralized. It keeps us at a distance from the unscrupulous. However, I believe this is coming to an end.