2D Animation Isn’t Dead. It’s Buried Alive.

Esteban Valdez writes an interesting essay about the state of 2D animation:

In the quest for government funding, tax credits and licensing rights; studios turn corporation to create turn-and-burn factories that pollute the airwaves and fiber optic cables with subpar standard works.  Or software companies choke-holding an industry into submission in their quest for global dominance threaten the very business they’re devouring.  Businesses for the most part, do not take blind risks.  But this is a cycle that continues to dilute itself until the very essence of an idea is so watered down that only 1% is actually relevant to the original concept.  It’s a homeopathy of art; creative snake oil that’s sold by the dozen.  So long as people keep paying of it, companies will continue to make it, meaning that either both parties are to blame and this is a 2 fold issue, or there might be a third (or fourth) party which we don’t often associate in the “who done it” case of the “dying” medium.