Batz Teaser Trailer

Lets start the day off right, shall we? I supported this Kickstarter project last year and tho the updates have been scant, the teaser tells me "it's ok, little guy. It's gonna be ok." (I've posted about this project before).


Let me praise this. First off, it's 3 dimensional CGI.  But it looks like 2D classical. And if you ask me, I know you didn't but so what: internet, this is where the medium of computer animation needs to go if it's going to push any new boundaries. If you haven't noticed this yet, well that's ok, that's why I'm here. Secondly, the animation looks funny as H.

Think about Paperman's reception last year. And now we'll have Batz. Different aesthetics to be certain but both try to represent traditional media in the CG realm. And both pull off that illusion quite well. 

I think the realistic trend in North American feature animation is, thankfully, in it's waning days. It may take Dreamworks/Blue Sky/Relativity Media a few more years before they stop milking the old cow but I expect Disney and Pixar to be doing more of this. Their experimental shorts are already pointing in that direction.

I love that Batz is an indie experiment. I wonder how they're going to distribute this?