Boxer Story - The Animated Short Film by Lance Myers — Kickstarter

Another incredible looking project on Kickstarter. It's really great to see some professionals jumping into this arena. It's also really nice to see well done 2D animation again.

Lance Myers, the films author:

The main character, Twomey Martin, has been with me a long time. His first appearance was in a comic strip I did for an Austin publication called Moko back in 1992. I came up with this story for him several years later and it’s been kind of percolating and growing ever since.

Here's the film's synopsis:

It's New Orleans, 1974, and the reigning cruiserweight champion is a star! He’s a local guy named Thunderpaws Magee—a spoiled prima donna who’s absolutely ruthless in the ring. He's crippled and humiliated every contender so far... And then there’s Twomey Martin, the up-and-coming fighter who wants more than anything to be taken seriously.  But… you see… there’s a little problem with that. There’s something “funny” about Twomey Martin…

Help Lance get this done and please make a contribution. You'll be doing more than Lance a favour, you'll be supporting independent animation on a whole.