'The New Disruptors' Talks To Cartoonist Lucy Bellwood

From the excellent Podcast "The New Disruptors" is a talk with cartoonist Lucy Bellwood:

Lucy Bellwood is a Portland cartoonist who started her working life with a crowdfunding campaign. She's a member of Periscope Studio, a loosely affiliated working space and collective of which I've interviewed other members. True Believer was the outcome of her Kickstarter project, and she's built a career from there.

Why should you listen? Well, Lucy created a Kickstarter before she graduated college. This launched her career in comics. She now works for herself telling her stories.

This is a model all artists should all be following.

If you're reading this and you're a student of animation or comics and illustration, think about getting together with some friends and making what you want. Even if you haven't graduated, do it in the summers between semesters. Keep it manageable and have fun.

Start building your future ASAP. If you want to make comics or cartoons or films, and you're just learning, get started building your audience now. And let me know where I can find your stuff!