Did Planetary-Size Lightning Shape the Surface of Mars?

This is, perhaps, the craziest but sanest video I have seen all year. It is blowing my mind in so many ways because the side-by-side evidence is almost irrefutable.

It's part of a larger series called Symbols of an Alien Sky. This is merely Episode 2: Lighting-Scarred Planet Mars (hence this post). It's all part of the grander Thunderbolts Project

The Thunderbolts Project is an interdisciplinary collaboration of accredited scientists, independent researchers and interested individuals established in 2004. Its prime mission is to explore the Electric Universe paradigm. Historical and current discoveries in the sciences have placed a spotlight on the electromagnetic force in nature, from quantum worlds and biological systems to planetary, stellar, and galactic domains.

Though I'm in no way able to confirm anything but from what I've watched, their arguments seem pretty tight.

I tend to (for better and worse) notice patterns, so some of the evidence presented rings true to me because I have asked these questions. 

I'm going to check out more of their videos today. The Electric Comet, so far, is amazing. Especially with Rosetta awakening.