Harmy's Star Wars: Despecialized Edition v2.5 - Video Sources Documentary

The Despecialized Edition v1 has been my defacto copy of Star Wars for a couple of years now. This version 2 is simply stunning.

Too bad people have to go through all this just to watch a film as it was originally released.

CLICK "SHOW MORE" TO READ THIS DESCRIPTION FOR RELEVANT LINKS AND IMPORTANT NOTICES! How to download: http://pastebin.com/PYvJGkRE This video and the "Despecialized Edition" fan edits of the Star Wars original trilogy were made by the user known as "Harmy" on the OriginalTrilogy.com forums. You may download this video featurette in its highest quality at the following link: http://uloz.to/xg5L2HSA/sources-doc-n...