How Kerry Conran Saw Hollywood's Future - Then Got Left Behind

Olly Richards writes:

In a year that would see the release of mega-budget movies Spider-Man 2, The Incredibles, The Day After Tomorrow and Harry Potter 3, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was one of the most anticipated. It looked unlike anything else coming out in 2004, indeed unlike anything else that had come out ever before. Huge things were expected. “It was exciting,” says Kevin. Tomorrow would be a very different world.

Talking about what happened after the movie’s release, Kevin begins to sound weary, and wary. He rarely speaks about his experiences making the film, and his brother, still stung, no longer discusses it at all. Despite several requests, made via Kevin, including an offer to conduct the interview by email, Kerry declined to participate in this feature.

Despite finding the film a little dull on repeat viewings, I love it. It fired up my imagination and that of my friend's at the time. We were extremely excited to see it. I've always looked forward to the Conran brother's next project, especially when I heard it was John Carter of Mars. I hope Kerry comes back to continue making films, we need thinkers like him.