"'Paper War' competition for big boobs bloody flame"

I don't know what is more fun: the short film or the Google Translation of the description:

The 2012 Niubi motion animation! No one! God for domestic animation paper Senki "two the paper Cock wire male is to compete for big boobs bloody flame, freeze-frame cartoon action movie, action movie where the blood tablets, too domineering, see China moving painting hope Cock silk paper male lead ... living in a white world idle day, he stumbled upon the opposite is home to a stunning piece of paper goddess, when he was ready to courtship, tall vulgar Cock silk paper M II, which makes the male lead angry  in order to get the goddess of love, the male lead, and M II began the competition for power and speed, the minutes ticked past, The female God began impatient, love in the end who gets it?

Whatever, do yourself a favour and give 'Paper War' a watch!