Robin Williams Is Free

Evan Rachel Woods' tweet about Robin broke me.

My kids watched Aladdin just over a week ago. They are young enough to be afraid of the snake Jafar turns into so it hasn't been on high rotation. But the girls were up for it and we watched. My wife and I thought about how great William's was as the Genie.

This past Tuesday (12th) the pastor announced Williams' passing. (Since we were at camp in the Muskoka's internet was spotty at best). Our pastor had a hard time keeping it together as he began talking about Williams and his depression. Everyone was shocked. Stunned.

The room where the really little kids watched videos and played had Aladdin running almost non-stop for the next 5 days. It was hard for me not to see bits this movie and feel really sad for Williams' family. The final scene where the Genie was set free gave me a real good lump in the throat.

On the way home today, we got some internet access and my wife started reading some twitter comments from the actor's friends and colleagues. She pointed out Woods' tweet and we cried.

I look forward to my kids discovery of Robin Williams' life's work.