Subbable - Subscribe To Creators

Similar to Patreon, Subbable is (at the moment) more curated. It's still in beta so new users have to have a following already:

Subbable is designed to support Creators of many types. At the moment, emphasis is placed on the support of YouTube Creators, based on current infrastructure. Subbable is not designed for timed or one-off projects - Subbable Creators should be active and proven content creators and should either already be a full-time Creator or very near to becoming a full-time Creator.

From the About page:

Subbable seeks to connect content creators not to advertisers but to their communities. With ad-based revenue models, many projects are unsustainable unless they have millions of views, but some of the best niche content that we care about the most isn’t going to appeal to millions of people. Not everyone wants to watch educational videos about biology or learn of a man’s eccentric universe of many clones. But those of us who do watch really care, and want these projects to grow and thrive.