Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short

Despite the accreditation of Zack Snyder and Bruce Timm you'd expect Warner Bros. to spend some coin on this little nod to the Last Son of Krypton. While I like the style and the way the story progresses, the animation leaves me a little cold. WB couldn't have tapped James Baxter or Eric Goldberg or maybe Andreas Deja to nail the 2D elements; like the run cycle for instance?

Ahh, maybe I'm being too hard on it but it's been a burr in my bonnet for years; the style over substance or quality thing. Studios succumb to the ease of the computer a little too much these days. The CG in the spot is great. The first gag when the cover of Action Comics comes alive is awesome, then the run All the elements pulled off with After Effects or the like, look fine too but...the cape waving cycle on the end logo could know, cycled.

I love the character of Superman and I'm a big fan of Bruce Timm. I wish Timm could have overseen the quality a little more but ultimately, WB was footing the bill. They could have dropped a little more coin on their top franchise earner and made this short truly jump off the screen.