The Cult of Ugliness

As most people in almost any art field know, ugliness rules.

It's no different in animation and comics. The adjective 'edgy' still dominates popular media. I've ranted on numerous occasions to friends about how offensive design in animation is. I've worked on one of the ugliest shows I've ever seen.

Even some of my most revered creators make ugly stuff sometimes. That just seems to be the state of things, I guess.

While I love a lot of what Pixar does I can't say they make the most beautiful movies (well, they do, out of all the Big Animation studios out there). I'm not saying they don't have talented people working for them, producing crap. I know lots of people who work there and they are some of the best at what they do. Look at one of their production books and you'll see great, amazing and beautiful works of art. But driven by marketing, they go with the safest character designs. Too much style and they risk offending someone. (Buy a copy of Art of Monsters Inc. to see some of the crazy awesome monster designs - that are never used.)

I also watch a lot of shorts online too. Amateur and professional. Some are shockingly ugly. Some are shockingly beautiful. Both perhaps defined by the narrow gulf between amateur and professional, yet both should be admired for their chutzpah. The ones that are beautiful (and well done) get nominated for Oscars. But those are outnumbered a thousand to one (a conservative estimate).

I would love to see more beauty in the world. It really is necessary, don't you think?