The Future of Movie Distribution: Film Annex

Film Annex's film community is the meeting point of independent filmmakers, directors, producers, actors, writers, editors, and other film industry professionals. Connect with any film festival, current film production, film school, or film market by joining our community. You can use your personal film blog to keep the community updated about your projects!

The Film Annex Web TV Network finances the film productions of its community members by creating Web TVs for them. For more information, see our Web TV section.

There are some ads on the side and a 30 second spot in front of the film. While I find most ads annoying, I'm willing to make an exception here. The film maker keeps 50% of the revenue generated by the videos. So all they need is eyeballs to help fund their next project...or pay off their previous one.

I've had my own film project in the works for a while now and I think I'll go with this service during production. I'm presently setting up my own channel there and giving it a go. So, help a brother out won't you?

P.S. My 'secret' project is almost ready to launch, I'll be sure to let you know when it does!